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IFS Online Membership Form (West Maharashtra Chapter)

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Access to full text recent advances and research in the Society’s peerreviewed journal, Fertility Science & Research.
Opportunities for continuing education in person and online through IFS-Vision e bulletin.
Free newsletter – IFS - Conversations to members.
Networking opportunities during the annual meeting FERTIVISION and small group meetings.
Opportunity to take part in the Society’s multi centric surveys and studies.
Eligibility to receive IFS awards.
Free CME’s, webinars and credits in IFS programs.
Discounts on IFS Annual Meeting registration fees.
Access to an online member login account, which includes current membership information, member group updates, and links to access the full text of journal articles and newsletters
Full access to the IFS Membership Directory
Membership Rules for IFS at a glance.


  •   The Society has the following categories of membership :
    • Patrons
      Life members
      Non Resident life members
      Corporate members – annual or life
  •   Academic :
  • The membership is open to M.B.B.S. & M.D. doctors / MSC /PhD. / Doctorate who are practicing Ultrasonography / Endoscopy / Embryology related to infertility. Both life & other membership is open to persons with these qualifications.

  •   Emeritus Membership :
  • Emeritus membership may be bestowed upon an individual who, in the opinion of the Society, is one deserving of this special recognition by virtue of exceptional contribution to the subject within the objects of the Society. They shall pay no fees, hold no office under the Society but shall be entitled to a free copy of Society’s official publications.

  •   Corporate Membership :
  • This will be open to those persons who represent interested companies , firms or other organizations interested in the activities & objects of the Society. They can become annual or life members.

  •   Non resident life members :
  • Any person not residing in India , irrespective of nationality and who is otherwise eligible to be admitted as member and having sufficient professional competence in the field of infertility may apply for this membership.

  •   Subscription :
      Rs. 15,000 - Patron
      Rs. 10,000 - Founder Members
      Rs. 7,000 - Life members
      Non Corporate Membership – Rs. 5,00,000/
      Non Resident Members – 500 US $

    Yearly subscription will become due in January every year. The subscription is subject to revision from time to time as per decision of General body.

  •   Cessation of Membership / Resignation :

    A person admitted to the membership of the Society shall cease to be a member:

      On his death
      On acceptance by the Society of his resignation from membership
      On his expulsion from the Society
      On non-payment of membership fee as provided in earlier clause.
      A member including a life member may resign his membership after giving one month’s notice to the council. Resignation of a member of the Society shall not be accepted unless such member has made payment of the dues of the Society in full. He shall cease to be a member on acceptance of his resignation by the council.
      The council shall have the power to suspend or to drop from membership any member who fails to pay his / her dues within the period allowed for such payment.
      Membership of any member may be revoked by the council for reprehensible, unethical, unprofessional or criminal conduct. The Society will notify the member by registered mail at least two weeks in advance of such contemplated action under this clause so that he may appear on his own behalf at the meeting of the council at which revocation of his membership is to be considered. At such meeting, he shall be given reasonable opportunity to defend the charges against him.
  •   Re-Admission
  • Any person who has resigned from the membership shall be eligible for re-admission on complying with the other terms governing admission as a member by submission of fresh application & membership fees applicable to the category of membership applied for:

  •   Membership Register
  • The Society shall maintain a register containing the names and addresses of the members of the Society. The member must notify change of address and other personal details in case of any change.

  •   Rights & Duties of Members :
      All members shall have the right to attend and participate in the general meetings of the Society and in all conference and scientific meetings, be entitled to receive circulars, journals, periodicals or newsletters issued by the Society on payment of prescribed fee, if any.
      Life member shall be eligible to contest for the post in the council as per conditions laid down in the Memorandum and shall be entitled to vote at the meetings.
      Any individual and other publications and statements not officially approved and issued by the executive and governing council at a formal meeting should not be made on behalf of the IFS. Such literature and articles should specify that the “the views expressed are those of the individual and not those of IFS.” Failure to do so could lead to cessation of membership on unethical grounds
      All notices will be put up on the IFS website. It would be the responsibility of all the members to check the website for notifications on at least monthly intervals by the last day of the month – and the notice will be deemed rendered to all its members. No individual notices will be necessarily required to be sent. This will prevent lapses from lack of communication as well as it will spare the Society of unnecessary expenditure.
  • Notice of all general meetings, whether annual or special, shall be issued to all members by the SECRETARY GENERAL at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting. In case of special meeting, the notice shall specify the nature of the business to be transacted.

IFS is affiliated to International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS).

Infertility and Reproductive endocrinology is a vibrant science and majority of gynecologists are interested in acquiring skills and knowledge in this field to be able to treat their patients in the best way possible. This science has developed in leaps and bounds since 1978 when Louise Brown became a reality. Now infertile patients who had no real options except adoption, can be offered so many alternatives. The last 30 years have seen many new developments in this field. Drugs which produce ovulation induction, gonadotropins to stimulate the ovaries to a multifollicular development, techniques of sperm washing and ultimately in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection and various other.. more

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